Isn’t it kind of funny when you’re just going about your normal day and you’re reminded and forced to think about infertility. I had a 2 hour delay this morning so I listened to the Radiolab podcast called, “worth.” I enjoy listening to interesting stories and try to live my personal motto of, “learn something new every day.” Or maybe I’m just a nerdy teacher.

Anyways, it was about how to place monetary worth on priceless things. The first part of the podcast was about paying for cancer drugs and treatments that are ridiculously expensive, but may add less than a year to your life. Is it worth it? How much would you pay?

That got me thinking about having a baby. I feel like most people would say the ability to have a child is priceless. It’s a part of the human experience. I feel like having a child is tied into my soul and who I am as a person. So when you’re going through infertility, you are forced to put a price on having a child. How do you put a price on having a child? How far are you willing to go and for how much?

It’s a uncomfortable thought. I talked to my husband about laying out a “game plan” for fertility. He went out of town this week and I told him to think about how far he was willing to go and I would do the same. We would sit down when he got back and talk about it. But we both found that we couldn’t really identify a stopping point or a price tag. We both said we were willing to do whatever it takes. I even considered selling our house to get money for fertility treatments, but that leaves us with the possibility of a baby and no home to raise that child. Did you lay out a plan for fertility treatments and how far you’re willing to go?

So I’m not really in the right place yet to answer that question. I’m either keeping myself naive to remain hopefully or I’m too stubborn to admit we may need a stopping point. Hopefully the stopping point for us all is a baby in our arms. Having a child is still priceless to me.

One thought on “Worth

  1. This is definitely a tough one. My husband and I have chosen to have private care now as the UK’s NHS cant do anything else for us, other than telling us to ‘just keep trying’. After three losses, this just doesnt seem like a sensible option!!

    I think you can only do what you feel is right to keep your health, sanity and relationship. No one else can judge you on this.



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