Everything is normal?

So I finally got my blood work and ultrasound results back. I called into the nurse line and when I asked about it the nurse said, “Everything looks good!”

Ummmm… Are you sure? It’s just so hard to believe! She had to tell me at least three times. My FSH levels are normal, it showed I ovulated this month, and no cysts on my ultrasound. Whaaaat?!?!

One part of me is relieved, while the other part of me is frustrated. So if everything is normal then why aren’t I pregnant? Why have we been struggling for over two years to get pregnant? I can blame some of it on my husband’s crazy pilot schedule, but not every month for 2 years. There has to be something!

I charted my temperature this month and for the first time saw a spike. And my husband was home too!

Did all of the stars align this month? Or am I going to be frustrated like I have for the past 2 years?

I’m making another appointment with my RE to start clomid and talk about possibly doing an IUI next month.

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