Clomid day #1

I currently have a head cold so I’m already feeling very blah. I took my first dose of clomid this morning with breakfast. Overall, not bad!

I had a dull headache today but it could have been from my crazy class or stuffed sinuses.

I also made sure to keep a full stomach today. Usually I don’t take a lot of medication because I’m pretty sensitive. I don’t drink caffeine and even NyQuil capsules make me sick! So I expected the worse but was pleasantly surprised. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and see how the rest of the month goes!

One thought on “Clomid day #1

  1. Glad you’re on the way! I had Clomid for 3 months last year and found it ok, just a few hot flashes at night and made me a bit more emotional than usual (a bit like PMT) but other than that was fine. Really hope it works for you! xx


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