Looking over the edge

Tomorrow is the day. My first day of our first cycle of clomid. For most of the trouble trying to conceive community, this is the mildest, easiest first step treatment. Baby steps compared to IVF. But to me, it’s the first step onto the infertility train to mystery land. No idea where we’re going or for how long or if we’ll ever reach a destination.

I can no longer explain away our problems to timing or just misalignments. Now that we are actively taking steps to treat infertility, I guess it all just feels so real now.

I’m scared.


I’ll update the next 5 days to share my experience at “club clomid,” but like the rest of you, I’m hoping it’s a short stay!

2 thoughts on “Looking over the edge

  1. I felt the exact same way before taking Clomid. That was the first time I had to accept that “naturally” was never going to work for us, and it was painful. But I also knew that just trying to do it naturally was insanity because we kept doing the same things over and over again expecting it to work THIS time! I am a couple weeks in to my first cycle of Clomid, and another blogger is about two weeks ahead of me on /her/ first cycle. You definitely are not alone!


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