Fertility Products

Since we started clomid this month, I decided to just jump head first into the fertility world! I’ve been scouring the blogs, forums, websites, and reviews to find fertility products that MAAAAY up our chance (at least just a bit). What’s the harm, right?

I started drinking Moontime Tea Fertility Blend for women. I loooove tea so I thought why not benefit my lady parts at the same time? It contains peppermint, red clover blossoms, red raspberry leaves, and nettle leaves. According to the product information, it increases sex drive, strengths and regulates the uterus and menstrual cycles, and purifies the blood. It tastes like peppermint tea and is pretty mild in taste. I only started drinking it yesterday and plan to drink it twice a day until I ovulate. Overall, I don’t know if this actually benefits anything but I’m happy with just a placebo effect to be honest. It’s a nice excuse to schedule a relaxing tea time twice a day!

I also bought Conceive Plus to help with some of the more unpleasant side effects of clomid. It’s a fertility friendly lubricant from Europe that has calcium and magnesium ions that is supposed to aid in the fertilization process. Again, I’m just happy to have a fertility friendly lubricant since clomid can cause some “drying.” Let’s see how it goes!

I still take a prenatal vitamin and bought a new brand of ovulation kits this month since I never got a positive with the last brand I used. There’s a lot of folklore when it comes to fertility enhancing products and supplements, but like most women I’m willing to try anything if it helps!

What’s your go-to products? Anything you would recommend to others?

7 thoughts on “Fertility Products

  1. I’ve been using pre-seed for over a year now which is kind of like conceive plus. A friend of mine used conceive plus too – but guess we’ll never know if that was what helped in the end!! I’ve been taking vits religiously too, they have generally made me feel better in many ways, skin, reduced tiredness and healthier tummy!! But I haven’t tried the tea!! I drink peppermint tea anyway so may give that one a go…it can’t hurt to try! I’ll see if I can hunt it down. Thanks for the tip! Every little helps 😃


  2. There is so much out there so try to not get overwhelmed. It is nice though to have an excuse for tea time. I have been doing that as I prepare for my first FET in 12 days. Best of luck to you!


    1. Thanks. Good luck to you too! I definitely agree with feeling overwhelmed with all the products but I’m just starting small for now…


  3. We have used Fertilaid, a vitamin supplement before, though we aren’t using it now. We were also told by our RE to make sure our prenatal vitamins have DHA in them or buy a separate supplement in them.


    1. Did you use fertilaid or your husband? I’ve heard mixed reviews of the women version. I’ll be sure to double check my vitamin for DHA, thanks for the tip!


      1. We both did, but he was spotty about it. I actually felt more energy and definitely more desire while on it. Can’t say it regulated my cycle etc., but I felt better on it!


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