To Marcus…

I must admit, my Valentine’s Day started off a little rocky. Although I woke up next to you in beautiful Florida instead of being alone in frigid Pittsburgh, I was initially put off but the many unexpected pregnancy announcements on facebook. Oh facebook…

So I told you that today was going to be one of MY down days. Those “why us” feelings and “this is unfair” thoughts were dominating my mind. Plus the hotel didn’t have free breakfast and you know I get hangry fast.

But somehow, all this sunshine cleared my mind of the dark thoughts. Just walking around a pop up food festival downtown, hand in hand with you, reminded me how absolutely lucky I am.

We have been tested to our limits these past two years. Even when there are thousands of miles between us I never feel alone. You are my rock. You were with me when we lost our first pregnancy and I wouldn’t have been able to move forward without your constant love and support. You listened for hours to my every anxiety about fertility treatments and endured the clomid craze with a smile. You encourage me to stay hopeful and have faith in our happily ever after.

Although we don’t live a typical lifestyle, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love our adventures together and I look back at our hard times with gratitude. The time apart, the loss, the fertility struggles have only made us stronger. We can endure anything together.

So I guess what I want to say is that I love you. I will always be your co-pilot through turbulence and clear skies. I love our crazy life together and I can’t wait for the adventures to come.

One thought on “To Marcus…

  1. Love this! I had a few down moments yesterday (and a hotel without free breakfast is just crazy 🙂 ). I am so glad you are able to take some time to be with your sweetie!


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