I’m the nurse line’s worst nightmare

I started my period yesterday. Yeah, I’m pretty darn confused too considering it was CD19. I was patiently waiting my TWW until my body decided, “ehhh no thanks!”

I started the day with light cramping that quickly amped up. It felt like I was starting my period. I had light spotting all day. At first I thought it could be implantation bleeding because the time frame made sense.

I called into the nurse line at my clinic. She quickly told me they weren’t concerned because anytime you introduce hormones it could throw your cycle off. Lately my cycles have been 35 days, so 19 is waaaay off!

After I hung up, I called her back again. Assuming this is my period, do I start clomid again on CD3? She said I could and told me to call back once it’s “a full flow.”

Last night I had such strong cramping it woke me up from a dead sleep. (TMI warning) AF started as brownish discharge but now it’s red and has clots. So I think it’s a “full flow.” I’ll probably call the nurse line again and see what they say to do.

Did anyone else have issues with clomid throwing off their cycle?

After this month I’m apprehensive about taking it again. I feel like I have no control of my body. I’m afraid of clomid causing more damage than what it’s helping.

I’ve also decided to seek out a therapist to help deal with the ups and downs of this process. I need some coping strategies.

I also need to learn how to leave work at work. I teach in the toughest school in our city and have students with severe emotional problems. Just this past week I’ve had chairs thrown at me, I’ve been punched in my stomach, and scratched. I honestly think the stress from my job may be preventing me from getting pregnant.

This is really hard. I hope it’s all worth it in the end.

First failed medicated cycle. I’m done wallowing and crying. Just keep swimming.

6 thoughts on “I’m the nurse line’s worst nightmare

  1. Oh man. I haven’t heard of Clomid causing that, and I’m sorry. It sucks to find out so weirdly that your first cycle failed. Did you take a pregnancy test just to make sure? I’m also a teacher, and while I don’t work in a school like that, I understand the unique stress caused by being a teacher. I’ve made a commitment this month to do guided audio meditations (from circlebloom.com. I purchased the natural cycle program and really like it, but they have a free one you can try.) everyday, and I’ve noticed that is helping a lot. I also find I’m breathing and trying to take it easier at work, so it’s helping me a lot.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Someone else mentioned the guided meditations to me do I’ll definitely have to give it a try. My school is a disaster and I’m just waiting to bid out!


    1. Thanks. It definitely helps to have all of this love and support from such strong women! I’m just trying to look forward rather than dwell on the disappointments, although I felt a lot better after a good cry!


  2. what a horrible surprise, that is early, I’m so sorry for you. I don’t know about clomid, but anything that messes with hormones is just mean to the body. I do know that. But You will find the right med for you, I just hope your doc is being helpful. Stay positive and you are awesome for keeping swimming.


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