Clomid round 2 TWW

The days are just draaaaaaging by. I’ve been trying to stay relaxed this cycle. I joined a book club so I’ve been spending my evenings reading. I’ve also been allowing myself to take naps when I’m tired instead of stressing out at home after crazy days in my classroom. It also helped that we had a snow day last week so I wasn’t so swamped at work. I’m happy I haven’t had a super short cycle like my first cycle on clomid!! 

I’m holding off until this upcoming weekend to take a pregnancy test (as long as AF doesn’t show). I can tell my husband is just as anxious as I am because he asks me at least five times a day how I feel. He leaves for recurrent training for his airplane next weekend, which is perfect timing. I told him I hope he either leaves with good news or comes home to good news. Or that gives me some alone time to binge on chocolate and cry over sappy movies. 

We decided to take the next cycle off to reevaluate. I’m not going to lie, it’s been pretty rough on clomid. This cycle I had hot flashes and insane mood swings! Our next step is an IUI, which we finally stashed away enough money for. 

I almost feel like an addict when I think about taking a month off from clomid. I find myself thinking, “just one more and maybe this will be the last!” It’s so hard to stop yourself because what if it works next month!!! 

But I think for my mental health, my job security, and my marriage, I need a short hiatus from clomid. 

3 thoughts on “Clomid round 2 TWW

  1. I hope that this cycle works and you don’t have to take a break at all!! If for some reason it doesn’t work, a break is refreshing. I remember being in that same boat in the late summer/early fall. The difference I felt being off of leterozol and progesterone helped to clear my head and make more emotionally stable decisions moving forward. Good luck to you both!!


  2. I considered doing a break after our first cycle on Clomid. It was so awful: emotionally, physically, mentally. But I persevered and did this second cycle and I know I’ll do next month (our last on Clomid) with no break as well. I’m feeling a lot better this cycle overall, and whether this or next month fails, I’m ready to keep going. This is our 18th month of trying, and our next step is IVF (we don’t see a point wasting our time on IUI), which is a break too because you have to take birth control before you really start! Good luck to you, and I hope you can enjoy your break (I was a nightmare).


  3. I hope that the decision to take a hiatus from clomid is a moot point, but it’s good to have a plan, even just a skeleton of a plan. That makes it easier to make decisions in the moment. Side note, I have always wanted to be part of a book club, but even on my own, I find little time to read. I’m hoping to remedy that soon.


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