To test or not to test…

My husband is out of town again this week so I have too much time to think about baby makin’. I keep reviewing my chart from this month and there’s no way we missed the window! So I keep obsessing did it work?!

Tomorrow is 14 dpo. I’m dying to take a test. I FaceTimed my husband tonight and asked him what he thought. He said we should wait until I’m late, then take a test.

Sure….. That’s what any normal couple would do. But we’re not normal! So I guess the compromise would be Wednesday, good ‘ole day 28 of my cycle. 

But will one day really make a difference? If it’s positive tomorrow, I could really surprise him. And if it’s negative I have a day to process before I have to tell him too. 

Ugghhh…. I feel absolutely crazy!

3 thoughts on “To test or not to test…

  1. Wait a little longer!!! Just one more day. When is your husband back?? How long would you have to wait if you got positive before you can tell him face to face?? That could be a killer wait!! Fingers crossed for you 😄


  2. I wish I had the right choice for you, but I would be in the same boat (and have been there before). Whenever you test, I hope it to be positive, but if it is not, I hope you find comfort and peace and never let go of hope.


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