Sitting, waiting, wishing 

Friday was my last day with students. It was a glorious moment where I awarded each of my preschoolers with their certificates for kindergarten. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without parents cussing me out for starting our ceremony promptly at 10, when they arrived at 10:45. It just perfectly summed up my year teaching in a very challenging school in a tough neighborhood. I let out a huge sigh of relief at the end of the day on Friday. 

My husband and I are spending this weekend relaxing. We reminisced about the past school year and how many times I’ve come home crying. We talked about the two rounds of Clomid combined with the two toughest months in my classroom when I literally lost my mind. We laugh now but I really struggled this past school year. 

So as we walked down a trail with our pup yesterday, we naturally started talking about this summer and trying to have a child. Our plan was to try on our own until I could up our insurance coverage in October. 

I told him that I could patiently wait until this fall like we planned but something about this summer feels right. We both are in good places in our careers, we’ve been diligently saving money, and we bought our first home. I have the summer off from teaching and time to really focus on taking care of myself. 

We decided to go ahead and pay out of pocket for one IUI this summer! I wanted to make sure we were both on the same page and I wasn’t pressuring my husband into making a very unwise financial decision. But we both felt like this summer is the right time for us, with or without insurance coverage. 

If it works, it will be the best anniversary present to ourselves. If it doesn’t, at least I’ll know what to expect in the fall when we continue with insurance coverage. 

We also decided to not tell our families or friends. We’ve told them we were taking a break from medicated cycles. It feels really nice not having the added pressure of people around us asking if it worked or not. So it’s going to be a secret between just us (oh, and my blog friends!) 

So I’m really excited and nervous of course! In about two weeks I’ll start femara and we’ll go from there! 

Any tips for IUIs? 

2 thoughts on “Sitting, waiting, wishing 

  1. I just did my first one! When all else fails, follow instructions. For the first one, I’m doing everything as suggested from my doctor. It just helps me free me up from thinking I have some control.

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