You might be TTC if….

You smile because your boobs are sore.

You have inappropriate conversations with friends about cervical mucus. And sperm. And uterine lining. And eggs. 

You know your body temperature daily, and jump out of bed cheering when it’s half a degree higher.

On that note, you never put that thermometer in your mouth. Ever. 

You have an app that tells you when to have sex. 

You pee on something almost daily.

You have the RE nurse line saved in your phone (and the recent calls list). 

You pretty much have a college degree in Biology with a minor in where babies come from. 

You don’t allow yourself near baby sections of stores or on Pinterest. 

You can blame emotional outbursts on the three different medications you’re on. 

You’ve used up a year’s worth of sick days on doctor appointments. 

You can gain and lose ten pounds within one month. 

You’re frienemies with Dr. Google. 

You really really want to feel nauseous. 

What would you add to this list?

9 thoughts on “You might be TTC if….

    1. Thanks! I’m a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine! I look at my tests at different angles and bring them in different rooms, maybe in different lighting there’s a line?!? 😜

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