CD 1… Here we go again

Today is CD1! I ended up having a perfect 28 day cycle last month, which is awesome considering I’ve had cycles varying from 16 to 56 days since December. Maybe it’s because I took a few months off from medicated cycles. Maybe it’s because school is out and I’m more relaxed. Maybe it’s because I did acupuncture! Either way I’m happy and feeling good for our IUI.

I called in for my prescription for letrozole, which I’ll start taking Thursday. If I ovulate around the same day I usually do, we’ll be inseminating right around or on our anniversary! 

My plan this cycle is to take it easy, stay relaxed, and trust that my body can do what it’s meant to do. I’ll be doing lots of yoga, walking, and acupuncture to stay healthy. My fingers are crossed! 

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