CD 3, let’s go letrozole! 

I got up pretty dang early considering I’m still on summer break, but for good reason! I rocked my interview this morning! I was the first one in and I felt like I really connected with the principal. We were able to just have a conversation about the preK program and I blew her away with my portfolio yessssss! I have another interview tomorrow and then next Wednesday. I think it’s safe to assume I won’t be returning to the school where I worked last year. 

After my interview I took my first letrozole pill. It might sound crazy, but I swear I feel it working already! I started feeling cramping on my left side, and now I feel twinges in both ovaries. I also got a headache about an hour after taking it. But if that means it’s working then bring it on! Grow eggies grow! 

I spent the rest of the day babysitting my favorite boys. One of the boys is only 6 weeks old. I held him for a while today and his mom said to the baby, “Rub your feet on her tummy and give her some baby dust!” It was cute and I’ll take any extra luck I can get! 

5 thoughts on “CD 3, let’s go letrozole! 

  1. Good luck! I sincerely hope that the letrozole works better for you than it did for me. I had no response whatsoever even up to the highest dosage. I like to think I am not “normal” though! 🙂


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