Expect the unexpected

Any Big Brother fans out there?

Expect the unexpected. That’s the lesson I learned from this cycle. The plan was: take letrozole, ovulate like I typically do on day 12-13 (4th of July weekend), IUI, success!

Here’s what actually happened: take letrozole, surprisingly don’t ovulate until CD 16 (what?!?!), miss IUI because husband is out of town on a flight.

Yep, no IUI this cycle. I went in this morning for a monitoring appointment and today should have been the day. Unfortunately, Marcus was dispatched out of town flying and won’t be home until tonight. We have absolutely no control of his flight schedule (since he flies corporate/charter jets) and can’t predict what days he flies. It just so happened every single airplane in the fleet was flying today. My doctor said we could go ahead and do the IUI tomorrow, but she said it would be just as effective to try on our own and line things up better next cycle.

I could go back and “woulda, coulda, shoulda” this cycle, but I’m not going there. Yes, I’m disappointed. But I’m pretty used to it after 2 and a half years of trying to get pregnant. And I’m pretty used to being let down by my husband’s work schedule. They are just things out of our control. We’ll just do the deed the moment he walks in the door tonight and hope for the best. It looks like two mature eggs this cycle so at least we’re upping the odds a bit. (Oh, did I mention my dad is staying the night at our house tonight… this should be fun)

So there’s the new plan. Oh, and we’re freezing his damn sperm next month! #pilotwifeproblems


I laugh at the thought of doing an IUI while he’s own of town. I could tell me future child, “I got pregnant with you while your dad was in Florida!” hahaha.

10 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected

  1. ohhh no 😦 I’m so sorry, that is terribly unlucky and sucks. But freezing for next time seems like a good back up option….and would make for an amusing dinner table conversation one day when your kid is all grown up!!

    We had similar when my mum was staying last year – we were super quick when she popped out!!! And made sure the shower and extractor fan was on too ;-p There is nothing sexy about that!

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  2. Sorry it didn’t work out this time…freezing doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

    and I’M A HUGE BIG BROTHER FAN! Last season was probably one of my favorites. Hopefully this one turns out good!


  3. I just wanted to say that you saying “And I’m pretty used to being let down by my husband’s work schedule.” is HUGE (in a good way)! It’s so important to not resent your husband (I probably would, no lie) so you’re definitely in the right mindset about his work schedule & it’s clashes with ttc. My husband is a tax preparer & owns his own business. I feel a lot of neglect & resentment during tax season which doesn’t make the emotional roller coaster of ttc any easier. I hope that last night works out but if not, like you said: freezing that sperm baby!!! Best wishes! xo


    1. Oh boy, it took me a LONG time to get to this point with my husband’s work schedule. I definitely know how you feel when work consumes your husband’s life and you always feel second. But I’ve come to realize that working so much is my husband’s way of getting ready for a family. Some months he’s only home for less than 5 days, so I’d rather spend that time together rather than fighting about something we can’t control. Now if the fertility clinic nurses could understand this too!! They were the ones giving me a hard time about him not being around. Ugh, obviously I want this to work too! I think timing may be our main issue.

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      1. Seriously, some medical staff are insanely detached from obvious “bedside manners.” They’re usually the worst people for me to deal with. 😡 Talking about timing, I literally ovulated the same night I left to come back to my parents’ house to study (which is three hours from my home). Oh my lanta! I agree with you though- whatever little time we have with our guys is better spent loving than arguing. Nothing productive comes from that, especially babies! 😉 xo


  4. Sounds like you’ve got a plan for the next cycle! Here’s hoping his schedule lines with yours 🙂 My husband is away for two and a half weeks but since the storm season is upon us, I had to mentally prepare myself that he may actually be gone for a couple of months instead of weeks. Hopefully I can be this patient/strong by the end of the year when it’s time to start trying!


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