And yet…

I was recently reading an article about marriage. Real marriage. Like arguing about what type of fastener we should use to hang a heavy framed photo (a knockdown fight me and my husband had recently). Side note: when we deal with so much heavy experiences, we somehow fight about the most ridiculous things! 

I’m talking about marriage where you are forced to make those tough, life changing choices about your future family. Marriage where you have experienced devastating, heartbreaking news together. Marriage that is constantly challenging and evolving, as individuals do throughout their lives. 

The author used this quote to reflect her philosophy of marriage. “Life is struggle, and yet…” After reading the article, that quote lingered in my mind. 

Although I wouldn’t use this particular quote to describe my marriage, I think it applies to my journey in trying to conceive. 

Infertility is struggle! Anyone going through it or has experienced it can attest to that. But even with the constant heartache, there’s that beautiful and alluring “and yet.”

Most of us don’t know what that “and yet” means right now. But it’s certainly what keeps me going through this struggle. 

Infertility is struggle, and yet that glimmer of hope for a child is always present.

Infertility is struggle, and yet I’m a strong enough woman to not let it defeat me. 

Infertility is struggle, and yet one day I won’t experience this anymore. 

Infertility is struggle, and yet it will be the most rewarding experience of my life. 

What are your thoughts? How would you finish that quote? 

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