Extreme heat

No, I’m not talking about the heat wave in the mid west right now.


I’m talking about the extreme heat radiating from my body. I announced to my husband this morning that I’m a volcano! I erupt heat and tears. I tossed in bed all night throwing off blankets and keeping him up. Just another fun part of taking letrozole/femara.

Other than hot flashes, I haven’t had many side effects. I’ve been keeping up with acupuncture and hot yoga, so physically I’m feeling great. I have been very weepy the past few days, crying at stupid things that I usually wouldn’t get upset about. My husband just laughs and gives me a hug. I think he finds it entertaining.

We’re all set for our second attempt at our first IUI! And my husband’s boys are on ice this time so we’re not missing it because he’s dispatched on a flight again. Fingers crossed for a successful IUI this weekend/early next week. Grow eggies grow!

4 thoughts on “Extreme heat

      1. Ahhh! That’s the best! Mine was supposed to fly the hurricane in Hawaii but he’s got a ton of media reps coming in this week so the other copilot got to go instead. It’s his first hurricane mission, so I’m sure he’s stoked.


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