Beta #1

14dpiui beta number was 116!

I’ll go back in Thursday for my second check.  

I’ve been a nervous wreck since we found out. We finally told our families last night. I just needed a few days to let it sink in. Having miscarried before, I’m terrified of everything! I don’t want to get my hopes up or everyone around us.

So far I’ve been having some mild cramping and a feelings of pressure. They are different than period cramps so I’m trying not to worry. I’ve also noticed a dull ache on my left side which I’m hoping is a residual cyst instead of all the terrifying alternatives. 

Besides that, I’ve been more tired (because I’m not sleeping well at night!), really thirsty, and the girls are pretty tender. 

As the nurse told me today, just relax, come back Thursday, and we’ll go from there. 

10 thoughts on “Beta #1

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m still waiting on my results but bracing for a negative. 116 sounds like a great number, though! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it keeps climbing πŸ™‚

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  2. The second time I was pregnant, I had cramps for like a month after I got the positive test. I was so scared of the alternatives too. What helped me was telling myself that the cramps were just my womb getting ready to expand for baby. πŸ™‚


  3. This weekend I had cramps (though it was constant not a come and go kind of thing) all day Sunday…then just a few times yesterday and today. It’s so nerve racking and I stay as still as possible and tell them to go away. Even though the nurse said its normal I don’t like it one bit.


    1. It sounds like what I was experiencing too! I notice when I move around they seem to go away so I’ve been taking long walks and trying to stay busy to keep my mind off it.

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  4. Congratulations, and good luck on Thursday! Cramping is a GOOD sign. It means baby is getting settled in. Try to keep yourself distracted. It will help the time pass. Sending good thoughts your way.

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