First ultrasound 

Tomorrow is my first ultrasound. 

So far everything has been going smoothly. I’m 5 weeks 2 days today. All of the beta levels have come back normal and have been growing as expected. I’ve been tired, my boobs are sore, and today I started noticing the first bouts of queasiness. 

But tomorrow is my first ultrasound. And I’m scared. to. death. 

When we first found out I asked my husband if he could try to come to all of my appointments through the first trimester. Especially the first ultrasound. But of course, he was dispatched on a flight and is out of town through tomorrow evening. So I’m doing it on my own. Life of a pilot wife. 

My husband asked if I wanted my mom to come drive to PA and go to the appointment with me. I actually prefer to go by myself. I’m nervous enough without having to accommodate anyone else’s anxiety. 

Keep your fingers crossed for a normal, quick, easy appointment tomorrow. 

5 thoughts on “First ultrasound 

  1. Praying everything is good! Just remember, it’s really early so you’re probably not going to hear a heartbeat yet. I’m sorry your husband has to be out of town. I can’t imagine how hard that must be.


  2. Fingers crossed! I pray that this appointment will be a big sigh of relief. I understand that fear of going without your husband. I share that feeling with you! Keep us posted!


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