16 Week Update

How far along? Yesterday marked 16 weeks
How big is baby? 4-5 inches, 3-5 oz, size of an avocado
Total weight gain/loss? +3 lbs
Maternity clothes? I finally caved and made a large maternity wardrobe purchase. A friend very kindly gave me a gift card to destination maternity where I stocked up on pants to wear to work. I bought two pairs of jeans from walmart, which surprisingly fit great for the $12 price tag. They are a little short on me but I figured you wouldn’t be able to tell with boots in the winter. I also ordered some tops from Pink Blush maternity online that were 70% off and just started to wear these this week.
Sleep? Ugh. I love sleeping on my stomach, but that is impossible now. My friend gave me a boppy pregnancy wedge to try, which has helped some but I still don’t get the most restful sleep. My husband is feeling the effects too. My nighttime bathroom breaks have increased from one to two so I get a few hours of sleep at a time.
Best moment this week? We finally announced our pregnancy. I still have a lot of anxiety and I felt like the moment I went public, something would go wrong. But I’m finally starting to look pregnant so we just decided to put it out there. All of our friends and families were so happy for us and knew the long journey we’ve been on to get here. I felt like it was time to share with everyone because they have been rooting for us for the past two and a half years. It was the best feeling.


My husband is also starting to get into pregnancy things more. He found youtube mixes of rock lullabies that we both laugh about. He also posted this funny image on facebook that made me die laughing.

Symptoms? Heartburn! Almost daily. I’m still throwing up about once a week and get nauseous a few times a week in the evenings. I still don’t have much of an appetite so I’ve been worried about my lack of weight gain (which I never imagined to be an issue because I love food!). I definitely felt the switch from first to second trimester. I have more energy and feel the “nesting” bug. We’ve started working on the baby room and purchased the crib. I also started purging and organizing other parts of our home.
Food cravings? Oranges, fruit juice
Food aversions? Still anything tomato based. I had lasagna last week which made me feel terribly sick but I stomached it. I love pizza but still can’t eat it  😦
Gender? We’re still planning on it being a surprise! One of our close friends is a month ahead of us and they just found out they are having a boy. My husband heard this and started wavering on our decision to stay in the dark. But we’re really trying to wait it out.
Labor signs? Way too early.
Belly button in or out? Innie
What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach.
What I’m looking forward to? Doctor appointment next week. 20 week ultrasound! And waiting to feel baby move.
Milestones? Made it out of the first trimester. Time seems to be going by a little faster now. We’re going to register with our hospital for the birth center tour, labor/delivery class, baby basics, and breastfeeding class.
Bump? Small but present.

On a side note: At my last appointment my doctor confirmed that my blood type was O- meaning I had Rh factor, which I knew from my last pregnancy and miscarriage. I was given the rhogam inject after I miscarried to prevent issues in subsequent pregnancies. I think I have to get more rhogram injections at 28 weeks and after delivery. It all just makes me very nervous. Anyone have experience with this?

8 thoughts on “16 Week Update

  1. I love the photo and I’m so happy to read that you are doing well! I love the surprise of finding out the gender when baby is born, so I’m in full support of waiting until the end – that said, I don’t know if I’d be able to hold out that long. 🙂


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