Glucose test round 2

Last Thursday I had my one hour glucose tolerance test… And failed it. 

So I’m currently sitting in the lab for a three hour tolerance test. It involves drinking a super sweet orange drink, 4 blood draws, and sitting in the waiting room for a little over three hours. 

Good thing all those fertility tests and procedures rid me of my needle fears! 

After the test I plan on eating my heart out then returning to work for a half day. This afternoon I get to come right back to the hospital for my 28 week rhogam injection. 

It’s just going to be a fun, needle-filled day! 

11 thoughts on “Glucose test round 2

    1. No idea! I didn’t have to fast for my 1 hour test but one of my friends did. I don’t understand these doctors and their different protocols!


  1. The same thing happened to me! I flunked the 1-hour (didn’t fast) and passed the 3-hour. I wish I would’ve fasted for the 1-hour. The 3-hour one felt like an eternity of waiting very hungrily. I was ravenous by the time I got out of the lab! I hope you brought some snacks you can nom on when it’s over!


    1. Weird! I think I’ll suggest to my pregnant friends to fast regardless of what their doctor says. And the hospital actually gave me a free lunch so I wouldn’t pass out before I left – it was great!!

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