3 months

My baby boy is three months old! 

And in that time I have resigned from my job, my husband started flying for a new company, we sold our home, moved to a different state, and as of yesterday bought a new house. Whew! 

When Walt was one month old I was “solo parenting” for three weeks while my husband was at training for his new airplane. I was scared at first but I absolutely loved that time with him. My favorite time was just taking a nap holding Walt every afternoon. And after doing all the feedings, changes, and middle of the night needs I felt pretty confident as a new mom! 

After my husband came back home the move was on! We packed up and moved into an apartment while we searched for a house. We found a beautiful brick home on three acres outside of a small town. Growing up a military brat I never had a hometown. I’m excited to finally settle in, create our home, and raise our son in small town America. 

Walt has been fantastic throughout this process. He still sleeps through the night and has transitioned to formula well. We started physical therapy for torticollis. He has a tight neck muscle from his position in the womb but he’s already making great progress! 

Overall, life is good. 

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