Finding my normal

The past few months have been hectic to say the least! But we’re finally unpacked and settled in our new home. And now it’s time to get back into normalcy (if there is such a thing with an infant).

I finally feel like my body belongs to myself again after fertility drugs, tests, procedures, pregnancy, and finally breastfeeding. Naturally after all of this my body isn’t what it used to be. Of course, I don’t expect a “bikini bod” (nor have I ever) but I’m ready to get my strength back. It’s funny, after the past two years I’m mentally and emotionally stronger than I’ve ever been! I’m ready to feel physically strong too.

At the same time, I feel selfish taking time for myself to work out. I know it’s completely rediculous! I’m a better mom when I just get 30 minutes to myself to sweat it out. 

So I’ve been running using the couch to 10K app. I’ve never completed a 10K and having an attainable goal makes running a little less awful in my opinion. I try to run when my husband is home with the baby or I load Walt up in the running stroller and take off in the neighborhood. I like that the app alternates running and walking and keeps track of time rather than distance. It’s my me time and surprisingly I look forward to running every day. 

I’ve also started going to a hot yoga studio near our new home. I feel very matronly among all the young (and very flexible) college girls but it’s a great workout. I wish they offered a mommy and me yoga class during the day because when my husband is flying I have no way to workout without my little one. 

When I just can’t get out of the house I put on a quick workout from YouTube. It’s surprising how much I can sweat working out without equipment in my living room during nap time! 

Posting about my fitness goals helps me stay more accountable and I love to share with my fellow bloggers so we can support each other! 

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