I’ve been using Enfamil infant formula since my son was three months old. I wish I could have breastfed him longer but for reasons beyond my control I wasn’t able to. We’ve never had any issues with the formula until this weekend. 
While scooping the formula to prepare a bottle my husband noticed a LIVE worm in the powdered formula. I’m beyond angry and disgusted. 
After doing a quick google search I found this isn’t the first time this has happened. How can you trust a formula to feed your child if there are multiple reports of worms and bugs found inside the packaging? 
I know with 100% certainty it was not contaminated in my home and the box was unopened and not damaged when I recently purchased it. 
I followed up with with Enfamil customer service which advised sending it in to investigate. I also alerted the FDA. I would hope the production and packaging process is closely inspected to prevent this from ever happening again. I hope this batch is recalled but I’m sharing this to alert other parents in case this issue isn’t addressed. 
Please share with other parents. I’m disgusted. I’m never using an Enfamil product again.

8 thoughts on “Warning 

    1. I returned the opened bags to the store where I bought they and they refunded me. What really freaked me out was how the customer service lady was totally not surprised when I said there was a worm in the formula!!

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      1. Yuck! I can’t believe this is acceptable for baby formula. And with it being alive, I wonder if there were eggs in the formula?


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