Moving in the right direction

Literally. I don’t understand the science behind it, but thankfully our baby is sitting nicely inside of my uterus versus teetering around the opening of my left fallopian tube. 

Yesterday I went to the women’s hospital for a 3D ultrasound. My husband came with me and we both sat in awe at the monitor on the wall that showed an in depth view of my uterus. Setting the insane anxiety aside, it was really neat to see the inside of my uterus in 3D. 

We were very tense as we sat watching the screen. I had the lead tech and a second women making sure my images were correct. Then they both left to get the supervisor and told me to not get dressed. I was freaked! The supervisor came in, viewed my images, and told the tech “you can tell them.”

She told us she viewed my ultrasound images from last Thursday and the gestational sac was waaaay high. But today, it was right where it should be. 

Then she zoomed in to the tiny embryo so we could see the heartbeat. She told me to hold my breath (which I wasn’t breathing anyways!!) and she recorded the heartbeat to send to my doctor. 

We’re still high risk. My doctor likes these images a lot more than my last ultrasound but she wants us to go for one more 3D scan on Monday just to triple check everything. I really appreciate how thorough she is and her efforts to reassure us. So we’re hopeful.