16dpiui beta


I had a mild panic attack this morning where I imagined the nurse telling me my numbers were dropping and the worst would happen. But I’m very happy with our number.

I’ll go for one more beta check on Monday and then our first ultrasound next Thursday. Appointments are becoming a little tricky because next week is my first week back at school. I’m hoping my new principal is accommodating and won’t mind if I take a late lunch to go to my doctor’s office.

Every phone call with positive results is a little less stress taken off my shoulders. That anxiety won’t disappear until I’m holding our baby in my arms.

Beta #1

14dpiui beta number was 116!

I’ll go back in Thursday for my second check.  

I’ve been a nervous wreck since we found out. We finally told our families last night. I just needed a few days to let it sink in. Having miscarried before, I’m terrified of everything! I don’t want to get my hopes up or everyone around us.

So far I’ve been having some mild cramping and a feelings of pressure. They are different than period cramps so I’m trying not to worry. I’ve also noticed a dull ache on my left side which I’m hoping is a residual cyst instead of all the terrifying alternatives. 

Besides that, I’ve been more tired (because I’m not sleeping well at night!), really thirsty, and the girls are pretty tender. 

As the nurse told me today, just relax, come back Thursday, and we’ll go from there. 

10dpiui BFP

I wrote this post yesterday. It took me a full day for it to sink in and start to believe I’m pregnant!

This afternoon something told me to take a test. A gut feeling. I’m 10 days past my first IUI. I’ve been more tired than usual. I’ve noticed some changes with the girls. And I’m extremely thirsty! (which was the biggest thing I noticed with my first pregnancy) 

So I used one of my cheapie tests, set it on the bathroom counter, and walked away. I actually watched an entire lifetime movie before remembering I peed on a stick! I figured it was another negative to toss in the trash.

When I went upstairs to check it, I was shocked to see a faint second line! So I peed on another. And another. And they all had faint second lines. Eeeeeekk! 

My husband was flying in NY so I decided I wanted to surprise him when he got home. Earlier in the day I went to a Scholastic warehouse sale to stock up on books for my classroom. I decided to go to Barmes and Noble and pick up some pregnancy books. I put the expectant father book in my bag of classroom books.

As it turns out, this was the night my husband decided to dink around at the airport for an additional hour. “Be home by 9” turned into “maybe by 10.” The anticipation was killing me!! 

Finally on his way home he called me. Within minutes he asked if we should make a target run for a test. I shut him down. Then he started talking about having a beer, which he gave up this past month to help with the TTC process. I told him no and tried to change the subject. I wanted to just scream at him to get home but I had to laugh it off and play cool.

When he finally got home I told him about my day and that I found some books for my classroom. On cue, he asked if I found any for him. I told him as a matter of fact I did! He was excited at the thought of an airplane book. 

He opened the bag and started rummaging through. Finally he pulled out the expectant father book. He said, “Oh.” Then it clicked. “Oooohhhhhhhhh!!!!” I put the positive test inside the cover. He studied it and said, “there’s a second line! Does that mean…?” And we hugged. And cried. I wish I could live in this moment forever. 

We are cautiously optimistic because of the outcome of our previous pregnancy. But no matter what, I’m going to enjoy every single day as it comes. That’s all I can do. 

I’m waiting on pins and needles until Monday and will schedule my first beta check. I’m hoping this is it for us… I’ll just take it one day at a time.