If things go wrong

Yesterday was my first ultrasound. The tech said everything looked ok, printed me a picture to share with my husband, and said the doctor would call to follow up. I left feeling good. 

Today I got the follow up. And it’s not good. 

She said they are worried with how high the pregnancy implanted. She told me it was very high in my uterus close to my left fallopian  tube. She used the term “possible cornual pregnancy.” I think she sensed the nerves on the other end of the phone and tried reassuring me that 9 times out of 10 the pregnancy would correct itself and grow out into the uterus versus rupturing. But she said it was important that they followed it closely. 

Instead of doing my next ultrasound in the office they referred me to the imaging department at the women’s hospital. Initially I made the appointment for September 9th but the nurse called me back and said my doctor took a second look at my last ultrasound and recommended I go back this Monday (Aug. 31). She used her doctor authority to get me in. None of this makes me feel reassured. I guess if things go wrong, they go wrong fast. 

I’m trying not to google too many things. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself. Just pray.