Do you ever have dreams that feel so incredibly real? 

Lately I’ve been having a lot of baby related dreams. This morning I woke up smiling because I dreamt of positive pregnancy tests. I remember thinking it was too early to test, but I went ahead anyways. I used 8 different brands and every single test had two lines. Faint, but definitely two lines. 

I sat at my makeup vanity surrounded by positive tests, completely shocked. My husband walked into the bedroom and sits behind me on the bench. He then sees the positive tests, hugs me, and he starts to cry (now this is when I know it’s a dream!!). We just hug each other in complete joy. 

It felt so real. I’m trying to hold onto the feelings I had seeing positive pregnancy tests in my dream even though I haven’t seen a real one in over two years. I told my husband about it, he laughed and said maybe it won’t just be a dream soon. 

Maybe I spend too much time thinking about making babies. Does anyone else have pregnancy related dreams?