Expect the unexpected

Any Big Brother fans out there?

Expect the unexpected. That’s the lesson I learned from this cycle. The plan was: take letrozole, ovulate like I typically do on day 12-13 (4th of July weekend), IUI, success!

Here’s what actually happened: take letrozole, surprisingly don’t ovulate until CD 16 (what?!?!), miss IUI because husband is out of town on a flight.

Yep, no IUI this cycle. I went in this morning for a monitoring appointment and today should have been the day. Unfortunately, Marcus was dispatched out of town flying and won’t be home until tonight. We have absolutely no control of his flight schedule (since he flies corporate/charter jets) and can’t predict what days he flies. It just so happened every single airplane in the fleet was flying today. My doctor said we could go ahead and do the IUI tomorrow, but she said it would be just as effective to try on our own and line things up better next cycle.

I could go back and “woulda, coulda, shoulda” this cycle, but I’m not going there. Yes, I’m disappointed. But I’m pretty used to it after 2 and a half years of trying to get pregnant. And I’m pretty used to being let down by my husband’s work schedule. They are just things out of our control. We’ll just do the deed the moment he walks in the door tonight and hope for the best. It looks like two mature eggs this cycle so at least we’re upping the odds a bit. (Oh, did I mention my dad is staying the night at our house tonight… this should be fun)

So there’s the new plan. Oh, and we’re freezing his damn sperm next month! #pilotwifeproblems


I laugh at the thought of doing an IUI while he’s own of town. I could tell me future child, “I got pregnant with you while your dad was in Florida!” hahaha.