To test or not to test…

My husband is out of town again this week so I have too much time to think about baby makin’. I keep reviewing my chart from this month and there’s no way we missed the window! So I keep obsessing did it work?!

Tomorrow is 14 dpo. I’m dying to take a test. I FaceTimed my husband tonight and asked him what he thought. He said we should wait until I’m late, then take a test.

Sure….. That’s what any normal couple would do. But we’re not normal! So I guess the compromise would be Wednesday, good ‘ole day 28 of my cycle. 

But will one day really make a difference? If it’s positive tomorrow, I could really surprise him. And if it’s negative I have a day to process before I have to tell him too. 

Ugghhh…. I feel absolutely crazy!