TTC Timeline

January 2013: Let’s try to have a baby! We pulled the goalie and now we wait…

February 2013: BFP! We must be the most fertile people in the world!

March 2013: Miscarried at 6 weeks. Shot of rhogam and a pat on the back to try again.

April – July 2013: Put trying on hold while we healed physically and emotionally.

August 2013: Let’s try again!

September 2013 – March 2014: A whole ‘lotta nothin.

April 2014: First consultation with OB/GYN about fertility testing. Also discovered 5cm cyst on left ovary.

May 2014: HSG fun! Ultrasounds! Bloodwork! SA! Everything comes back normal. Prescribed birth control for three months to get rid of cyst.

July 2014: No more birth control! Game on…

December 2014: OK, it’s time to see an RE. More bloodwork, more ultrasounds. Officially labeled as “unexplained infertility.”

February 2015: First round of clomid. Positive ovulation but super short cycle. BFN.

March 2015: Second round of clomid. Positive ovulation but super long cycle. BFN.

April 2015: Prescribed provera to re-start cycle after clomid. Met with RE again, prescribed letrozole and told to get more aggressive and do an IUI. We decided to hold off until summer.

May 2015: Acupuncture! Still irregular cycles and no positive ovulation tests.

June 2015: Finally a regular, 28 day cycle! Started letrozole to prep for our first IUI.

July 2015: Missed the timing for our IUI. My husband was out of town on a flight. BFN, but another 28 day cycle! Started letrozole again for IUI. Added weekly acupuncture to support process.

August 4, 2015: IUI #1. 3 mature follicles and a great sperm count.  

August 14, 2015: BFP!! 

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