Happy face means go!

I got my first positive ovulation test today!!!!!!

I followed my doc’s instructions to begin testing on CD12. I didn’t want to test early and start obsessing over my ovulation. So needless to say, I was SHOCKED to see that little happy face this morning. Today is exactly 5 days after my last dose of clomid.

Luckily, my husband was home last night and will be home tonight too. I plan on taking another test this evening and continue testing through the weekend just to make sure.

I’ve been feeling discomfort on my right side which I thought was my ovary working overtime! I’ve also been pretty darn emotional even by my own standards.

I expected to ovulate closer to this weekend. Since my husband was going to be stuck down in Florida with his clients, I was already planning on flying down to meet him. Should I still got down just in case?

I want to really do everything in my power this cycle so if it doesn’t work I can’t blame myself for anything, only biology. I’m keeping my fingers crossed this month!!


3 thoughts on “Happy face means go!

  1. Wahoo! I know the happiness of seeing that little face!! 🙂 they say that you’re most fertile the day you get the smiley face and then the day after, so great news that your husband is around now! Really hope that this is your month! Xx


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