Results are in

Pretty much what I expected. Negative on all counts.

I talked to a very helpful and reassuring nurse today who explained that clomid can sometimes cause early or late periods (which of course I’ve had both, lucky me!) She said my doc recommends starting provera to get things moving. 

I’m always a little nervous about taking medication because I’m so sensitive. I think she could sense my hesitation so we agreed to wait until Monday to start the provera. Any natural tips or tricks to get your period to start? Any advice on taking provera or what to expect?

In the meantime, we’re taking the next cycle off from all meds and I made an appointment for April 20 to plan our IUI. 

Although we’ve done the standard fertility tests, I’m going to ask if there are anymore tests we can do. I’m having a hard time being labeled “unexplained.” There has to be something that’s not right! I’m also asking to be switched off clomid to anything else…

It can only get better from here right?

4 thoughts on “Results are in

  1. I feel ya with the unexplained stuff. My last miscarriage was completely unexplained, so the next we get pregnant, I will be sent to a fetal monitoring place to see of there is something we can do to prevent it from happening again. Of course, that might mean that I go through another miscarriage too….


  2. I took Provera just recently, and my biggest side effect was headaches, feeling thirsty, and having breast tenderness. Just make sure you start your Provera at a time that consistently works with your schedule so you’re less likely to miss a dosage. I also use natural progesterone cream to help my progesterone levels and help my period arrive if I’m not pregnant. There’s also this all-natural product I read about through my Ovia app, that helps to restore hormonal balance and regulate menstrual cycles. I haven’t used these but thought I’d pass the information along to you:

    All the best! xo


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