Clomid round 2

I’m losing my mind on clomid. I had to bring donuts into work on Friday to apologize for being so intense this past week. My husband is happy I’m saving my hormonal rants for work, he just gets the evening tears instead. 

The second time around my emotions were on a roller coaster. Maybe it’s because I was still upset about the last cycle. Clomid seems to do the trick for me because I got a positive ovulation test this morning! 

I’m ovulating pretty early (cd10) but I’m very grateful my husband is home this weekend. We never know his schedule more than 12 hours ahead of his flights so I’m always a nervous wreck before I ovulate. 

I’m a firm believer that all of the experiences we are going through have a purpose and meaning. And I know we will get our happily ever after, one way or another. I can’t say it enough but I’m so happy my husband is home at the right time and his flight schedule has been slowing down when I’m needing his support more. Someone is watching over us.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed, making an appointment to talk about an IUI next month, and trying to relax! 

10 thoughts on “Clomid round 2

  1. Day 10 is a little early, but normal. I got a positive OPK yesterday too! Once you get the positive (if you are doing a digital one), you have 12-36 hours to ovulate. Are you temping to confirm?


    1. I temped for months before but my doc said to not bother anymore because my temps were always all over the place and not reliable. It’s so frustrating!! Ugh…


      1. For me, vaginally was more consistent for me because sometimes I’m a mouth-breather while I sleep. My temps are totally consistent now as long as I take them at the same time every morning (without getting out of bed or drinking anything first).


  2. Bless you – I remember those days!!! I was angry and teary all the time on clomid – not nice for anyone around me!! Does your doc use letrozole at all? I’m on that now, instead of clomid, and so far I’m not mental!! Might be worth asking? Xx


    1. I’m calling my doc tomorrow so I’ll mention it. Thanks for the tip! My last cycle on clomid was super short so it might make sense to switch to something else.

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      1. It’s definitely worth asking. I did fall pregnant on clomid, so it did it’s job (although it didn’t last), but I felt so angry and teary all the time. I’m on day 3 of letrozole now and no mood swings at all so far 🙂 let us know how you get on with the doc xx


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