IUI #1

We did our first IUI today! 

I got up super early this morning and went in for additional bloodwork. Luckily, I had the boss plebotomist and didn’t have any problems with the blood draw. She frowned when she saw my bruised arms from yesterday’s fiasco. 

After the bloodwork, I went back home to wait on the phone call. Two hours later one of the nurses called me and said we could go ahead and do it today! 

First I dropped my husband off to do his part. I’m so thankful he was in town today and we didn’t have to use our frozen stash. I definitely needed him today. I was a nervous wreck!

After his part we went out to lunch. I had to fill my bladder so I mostly just drank iced tea. I was too nervous to eat! We went back into the office an hour later and were prepped for the IUI.

According to my ultrasound yesterday, I had three mature follicles. The nurse practitioner came in with my husband’s sample. He had 53 million post wash. Aghhhh the possibility of multiples is very real! 


lucky socks
First she inserted the speculum (sans lubricant). Then she cleaned my cervix and inserted the catheter. The only part that felt uncomfortable was putting in the speculum and only because I had a very full bladder. Once everything was in place she injected the sperm and it was done! The entire process was 10 minutes. 

I laid on the table for another twenty minutes and then we went home. We are cautiously optimistic. I want to believe everything is lined up for it to finally work this month. My husband is excited too. He was trying to calculate a possible due date if it works. 


goofiest people at the clinic
I also visited my acupuncturist this afternoon. She has a special post IUI protocol where she put needles in my ear! Bizarre but it didn’t really hurt. She did additional points on my hands and legs which really bothered me today. The entire time the needles were in I felt my muscles twitching. 

Overall, I feel good. I have some dull cramps and feel a little sore. I’m definitely bloated and put on yoga pants as soon as I got home. I’m going to try to not test until Monday, August 17th. 

Now we wait and I’ll try not to lose my mind!!! 

13 thoughts on “IUI #1

  1. EEEE!!! This is so exciting! I think it is so awesome that your husband could be there, and so sweet that he was trying to figure out a due date. I hope this works for you!

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